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 Our COVID-19 Response

Having to pause our programs but living in a very vulnerable country to COVID-19, we couldn’t just wait. Our country, Malawi of 18 Million people has 25 ICU beds and 17 ventilators, and can only test up to 20 people a day. As a community, we had to step up in our own way.

We followed a University of Cambridge research study on cloth material effective in blocking COVID, then with CDC & WHO recommendations, we are making non-medical but effective protective face masks. 


With 73% less filtration compared to the 90% less filtration of the surgical mask, and the 6.5/10 breathability score compared to the 5/10 breathability of the surgical mask, our masks are made in a safe and distanced space by Tiwale community graduates from our sewing workshops.

Tiwale has made a total of 26840 masks which have distributed to 16 schools, one hospital, to community health workers and teachers across Lilongwe district of Malawi. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health which has identified critical

recipients, 2000 masks have been donated to the Maternity Wing of Kamuzu Central

Hospital, 5000 masks were donated to the Ministry of Health for rural community

health-workers, 17,176 masks were donated to 16 public schools for students and

teachers, 691 masks were donated to the orphanages of Love In Action and Lilongwe

Social Rehabilitation Center and 1973 have been distributed to community members while some are used for programming.


We have also recently learned how to make reusable sanitary pads, which will be distributed together with masks and food to vulnerable folks around Lilongwe, Malawi.

Times are uncertain but what’s certain, is our capacity to resilience, if come together, and rise us a community.


Please share & spread the word!✨

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