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Get involved, take action for a lasting impact

  • Support with online research, content writing and editing, new monitoring, design and layout, graphics

  • Organize a fundraiser towards our women’s center

  • Help us forge partnerships with local stores, cultural centers and other businesses.

  • Help promote our social media


Help build a generation of passionate leaders by giving to Tiwale

  • Support the maintenance of our community centers for education and entrepreneurship

  • Donate learning equipment e.g. books, computers, kindles, art supplies, hygiene products, sports equipment, etc.

Partner with Us

Partner and help us support those pushed to the margins to reach their full potential

  • Become a corporate partner- sponsor our scholars, cover our shipping costs, transport costs, building expenses etc.

  • Assist with operations costs such as wages, stationary, transportation and communication cost

  • Collaborate on program launches

  • Seeking designers to use our fabrics

  • Sponsor Tiwale events / provide media partnerships

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